Wednesday, 24 April 2013

#Hyper-V - Remove Hidden Network Adapter

Remove Hidden Network Adapter

-Cannot rename this connection. A connection with the name you specified already exists. Specify a different name.
-The IP address XXX.XXX.XXX you have entered for this network adapter is already assigned to another ....

1. System properties > Advanced > Environment Variables...

2. On System variables, select New..., on Variable Name enter devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices
on Variable Value enter 1

3. On Device Manager, click on view, select Show hidden devices.

4. Expend Network adapters, uninstall hidden network.
Hyper-V  (Microsoft Hyper-V Network Adapter)
Physical   (Physical Network Adapter)
*Don't uninstall RAS Async Adapter or any other than Microsoft Hyper-V Network Adapter/Physical Network adapter.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

#Windows Server - Reset Windows 2012 Domain Administrator Password

Reset Windows 2012 Domain Administrator Password

1. Boot Installation CD, select Repair your computer
2. Select Troubleshoot.

3. Select Command Prompt.

4. Change directory to d:\windows\system32

 5. Type copy utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak to Backup utilman.exe
     Type move cmd.exe utilman.exe to Move cmd.exe to utilman.exe
     Type Y to overwrite.

6. Restart server and boot windows as normal.
     Press “Windows Key + U” to open command prompt.

 7. Type net user administrator password
     Password = new password

8. Close command prompt and log in with new password.