Monday, 27 May 2013

#Update SQL 2008 r2 Service Pack 2 into SQL 2008 r2 Installation Pack - Slipstream procedure

Install SQL 2008 R2 in Windows server 2012 Cluster required SP

1. Download SQL 2008 r2 sp2. Save in C: drive

2. Extract SQL sp2 to C: drive.
    Command prompt: SQLServer2008R2SP2-KB2630458-x64-ENU /x:C:\SP2

3. Run the Service pack setup files.
    Command prompt: SP2\1033_enu_lp\x64\setup\sqlsupport_msi\sqlsupport.msi

4. Run the SQL setup files from SQL media kit.
     a) Change directory. Command prompt: z:    (my media kit in Z:)
     b) Run setup.  Command prompt: setup.exe /PCUSource=C:\SP2
    Note: If install SQL 2008 r2 in Windows Server 2012, Program Compatibility Assistant will prompt. Select Run the program without getting help.

5. Install SQL as normal.

6. Verify have completed a slipstream update.

    a) On Installation Rules, Update Setu Media Language Compatibility show in list as below.

    b)On ready to install, right panel under action, install slipstram show as below.