Thursday, 22 January 2015

#Hyper-V - Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machine - The chain of virtual hard disk is corrupted

Error: The chain of virtual hard disks is corrupted. There is a mismatch in the identifiers of the parent virtual hard disk and differencing disk

Cause: Mount VM's VHD that VM with snapshot(s) with Disk Image Tool.


1. Go to the settings of the VM. Select the hard disk and click on Inspect

2. Click on Reconnect

3. Browse and select the parent VHD. Check the Ignore ID mismatch. Then, check finish.

4. Repeat the step to other VHD if have. 

5. After reconnected. Power on the VM, Windows scan disk will run. Let it finish the scan. It may take time.

6. Log in to windows as usual. Done

Hope this will help.

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