Tuesday, 21 July 2015

#Azure AD Directory Sync - change sync time interval

By default, Azure AD directory sync schedule is sync every 3 hours.
To change the interval,

Go to Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Installation path, look for Microsoft.Online.DirSync.Scheduler.exe (Config file). 

Open the file with notepad.
edit the "SyncTimeInterval" value="hh:mm:ss"
Restart the Windows Azure AD Directory Sync services or restart the server.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

#AD FS 3.0 - Customize AD FS 3.0 login page

Customize the login page:



Change Company Name:

Change Logo:

Change illustration:

Change Sign-in description:

For more information Microsoft link 

#Active Directory - Force seize FSMO roles from death DC, Windows Server 2012 R2

1. From secondary domain controller, run powershell as administrator.
2. Run following command:

Move-ADDirectoryServerOperationMAsterRole -Identity "Target_DC_Name" -OperationMasterRole PDCEmulator,RIDMaster,InfrastructureMaster,SchemaMaster,DomainNamingMaster


Move-ADDirectoryServerOperationMAsterRole -Identity "Target_DC_Name" -OperationMasterRole 0,1,2,3,4 -Force

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

#Office 365 ProPlus - Unable to install

Couldn't install. We're sorry, we had a problem installing your Office program(s).
Error Code: 30088-1021 (0)


1. Make sure all Microsoft Office version/component uninstall from the computer. (Include visio, project and others)
2. Use Microsoft Office fix it tools to uninstall other version of Microsoft Office.
    Fix it script Download
4. Make sure the installer no problem. Can download o365 proplus from here: Office365 Proplus Offline Installer

#Microsoft Office - uninstall Microsoft Office by fix it script

Download here

#O365 ProPlus Offline Installer Download

Office 365 ProPlus Office Installer Downlaod

Password: P@ssw0rd!@#$

Download here Office365 ProPlus 32 bit

Download here Office365 ProPlus 64 bit

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

#WAP - Remove Web Application Proxy (WAP) from Cluster - Windows 2012 R2 (ADFS)


WAP Cluster with 2 ADFS Proxy. To remove ADFS-Proxy1. 


1. On one of the ADFS Proxy server, run PowerShell with Administrator.
2. Enter Command below:

swpc -ConnectedServersName ((gwpc).ConnectedServersName -ne 'adfsservername')

3. ADFS-Proxy1 removed.



Friday, 10 July 2015

#AS FS proxy- could not be configured

An error occurred when attempting to establish a trust relationship with the federation service. Error: Unable to connect to the remote server.


1. Make sure Federation Name able to resolve from ADFS proxy server.
2. ADFS and ADFS Proxy server able to ping each other.

#AD FS - Error. Event ID 364


An error occurred. Contact you administrator for more information.

Microsoft.IdentityServer.RequestFailedException: MSIS7065: There are no registered protocol handlers on path /adfs/ls/idpinititedsignon.aspx to process the incoming request.


1. Launch ADFS Management.
2. Right Click on Authentication Policies, select Edit Global Primary Authentication.

3.On Intranet, uncheck Windows Authentication, select Forms Authentication.

4. Restart ADFS server.
** Try to use firefox or google chrome to test https://sts.domainname/adfs/ls/idpinitiatedsignon.aspx
** Try to log in "https://sts.domainname/adfs/ls/idpinitiatedsignon.aspx" from another computer
** Make sure the address is correct. 
** Wait for 10-20 minutes and restart adfs server again.

It should work. Personally test many times.

Drop me an email if not work.
Email: darrenong877@gmail.com

#AD FS - Connect-MsolService Fail / Unable to connect Azure via Windows Azure Active Directory Module PowerShell

Error when connect-MsolService


1. Firewall, proxy server block.
2. Microsoft Online Service Sign-in Assistant version.
3. Windows Azure Active Directory Module for PowerShell version.


Reinstall Microsoft Online Service Sign-in Assistant and Windows Azure Active Directory Module for PowerShell.

Recommended Version for:

Microsoft Online Service Sign-in Assistant version: 7.250.4556.0
Version can check via regedit. (HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\MSOIdentityCRL\MSOIDCRLVersion)

Windows Azure Active Directory Module for PowerShell version: 1.0.8070.2 and above
Version can check via Azure PowerShell.
(get-item c:\windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\MSOnline\Microsoft.online.administration.Automation.PSModule.dll).VersionInfo.FileVersion

Can download from here:

Download here

Download here

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

#AD FS - Can't install Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell

In order to install Windows Azure Directory Module for Windows PowerShell, you must have Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant version 7.0 or greater installed on this computer.


.NET Framework 3.5 Features.

Solution (Method 2 preferable) 

Method 1:
  1. Go to regedit, navigate to HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\MSOIdentityCRL
  2. Double click on MSOIDCRLVersion, change value from 7.250.4303.0 to 7.250.4551.0
  3. Install Windows Azure Directory Module.
  4. Change back the value from 7.250.4551.0 to 7.250.4303.0
  5. Restart Computer.
Method 2: