Friday, 10 July 2015

#AD FS - Error. Event ID 364


An error occurred. Contact you administrator for more information.

Microsoft.IdentityServer.RequestFailedException: MSIS7065: There are no registered protocol handlers on path /adfs/ls/idpinititedsignon.aspx to process the incoming request.


1. Launch ADFS Management.
2. Right Click on Authentication Policies, select Edit Global Primary Authentication.

3.On Intranet, uncheck Windows Authentication, select Forms Authentication.

4. Restart ADFS server.
** Try to use firefox or google chrome to test https://sts.domainname/adfs/ls/idpinitiatedsignon.aspx
** Try to log in "https://sts.domainname/adfs/ls/idpinitiatedsignon.aspx" from another computer
** Make sure the address is correct. 
** Wait for 10-20 minutes and restart adfs server again.

It should work. Personally test many times.

Drop me an email if not work.

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