Monday, 18 December 2017

#Veeam Replication and copy backup error

Error: There is active sync task, Job name .....................

1. The target (destination) virtual machine having issue (virtual disk/snapshot corrupted).
2. The replicate virtual machine disk size too big (over WAN accelerator cache size).

Solution 1: Reboot the WAN accelerator server
1. Make sure the you stop the active sync task (job) that mentioned in statistics.
   (example: there is active sync task. Job name xxxxxxxxx...................)

2. Reboot the WAN accelerator (try reboot source first).

Solution 2: Clear WAN accelerator cache
1. From Veeam Backup and Replication, go to Backup Infrastructure --> WAN Accelerators.

2. Right click on the WAN Accelerator server, and select clear cache. 

3. Re-run the replication or backup copy job.

1. Make sure the VM no issue. Especially the virtual disk. Sometime virtual disk corrupted caused by Veeam snapshot. You might need to delete and consolidate all the snapshots.

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