Sunday, 11 March 2018

#Unlock Windows Administrator Password (Re-post)

How to unlock Windows Administrator Password

1. Boot the Windows installation CD, select Repair your computer. (For Windows 7, select your language before repair your computer)

2. Select Troubleshoot. (For Windows 7, skip the system recovery and go to command prompt)

3. Select Command Prompt.

4.  Change directory to d:\windows\system32

5. Type copy utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak  (to Backup utilman.exe)
     Type move cmd.exe utilman.exe (to Move cmd.exe to utilman.exe)
     Type Y to overwrite.

6. Restart server and boot windows as normal.
     Press “Windows Key + U” to open command prompt. 

7. Type net user administrator password
     Password = new password

8. Close command prompt and log in with new password.

You can open user account settings with GUI by using netplwiz command.